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Advanced Sourcing supplies unique electronic and mechanical solutions to the industrial, commercial, hobby and educational markets. We can provide complete engineered solutions to meet your needs.

Introducing the new AST series of timers!

This family of timers is based on extremely reliable processor technology and provides the functionality you have asked for in timer modules -- including true blocking of triggers while events are underway, complete pulse-shaping control over trigger delay, active period and post delay, repeatable accuracy, flasher capability, dry contact or logic input trigger with integrated pull-up, initial relay position setting, and timing periods from fractions of a second to an hour. See the introduction page at the left for the AST series of timers!

Our ASRB-1 and ASRB-1x5 Relay Boards still reflect the high level of quality and performance you have come to expect for well over 15 years! We at Advanced Sourcing are committed to the continued high-quality and customer service our customers have come to expect.

Do you have a need for a solution we don't offer? Contact us with your requirements. Our Engineering Team has over 25 years of experience, and we can likely solve your problem with an existing or custom design made specifically to fit your needs.

AST Series Timers